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About Multicultural Academy Canada---College MAC

Multicultural Academy Canada, also called College MAC, established since 2002, is located in the downtown of Montréal, one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in the world. The city of Montreal is located in the south-western part of the province of Quebec, bordering New York State of the USA in 30 minutes distance, via bus. Nestled at the feet of postmodern towers, with their spacious contours that reflect the accents of the surrounding gracious Victorian architecture, a number of the city's most splendid buildings and churches call out to be explored. Countless art and theme museums and charming green spaces dot the area. Fabulous shopping is only footsteps away in the Museum District and aficionados of electrifying nightlife will find their hearts' desire on Crescent Street. Throughout the year, and particularly in summertime, downtown Montreal resonates with captivating festivals that draw out the spontaneity of Montrealers and visitors alike.

Since 2006, the school has opened one new location in the very center of Montreal downtown, exactly beside of the Concordia library building. Since that time, the school has also moved its head office to downtown location. Since 2007, the school has opened another new location in the very center of South Shore, by collaboration with the Rive-Sud School Board. Since 2008, the school began to provide Chinese language courses with the joining of the Quebec Academy of Chinese Culture and Education, by collaboration with CSDM.

Since 2011, the school continued to provide summer day camp in CEGEP du Vieux Montreal, with the operation name "Horizon Day Camp", which is accrediated by Quebec Camping Association-ACQ.

About Multicultural Academy Canada
Multicultural Academy Canada has offered languages courses and vocational training for more than 10 years, and every program has Quebec Government approval. This guarantees that graduates have the skills at the end of their program that are required by their future employers in industry and business.

Multicultural Academy Canada prides itself in having one of the best training centers for languages study, vocational training and ICCRC certified consulting service located in a modern bilingual city --Montreal. This impressive area attracts more than 15 million visitors each year. Multicultural Academy Canada works very closely with a lot of universities, colleges and local communities in the region, which will help you to continue your further study and career.

The French Training Division has help hundreds students launch careers in Montreal and other cities in the province of Quebec. The special designed Quebec immigrate interview preparation program has helped a lot of students pass the Quebec immigrate interview successfully.

Students have come from Korea, Mexico, Madagascar, Hungary, Greece, England, Libya, Japan, Chile, Senegal, China, Thailand, Lebanon, Jordan, Colombia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, India, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Bermuda, United Arab Emirates, Aruba, Argentina, and the United States. Their ages have varied from 18 to 39 years with backgrounds ranging from recent high school graduates to those who have been working for a few years and are now looking to further their education.

Students choose Multicultural Academy Canada for their own unique reasons and personal goals.They may come to improve their language and vocational skill before taking college or university courses, or they may simply want a Canadian cultural experience. They have all shared a spirit for adventure and the desire to further their careers.


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