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The variety programs of College MAC have already fostered success for many of our students. Our solid reputation stems from the academic rigor of our training programs, the quality of our human resources and the excellence of our methodology. The courses in International Language Center of College MAC are given by extremely small group with maximum of 10 students for each class (20 for B2 courses), with the help of new audio visual technology and also the expertise of qualified teachers, we create full immersion environment which efficiently improve students’ communication and writing competence, with the most affordable price in town.

Intensive French B2 Certificate Course

Since the end of 2014, College MAC has provided Intensive French B2 Certificate Course, with the collaboration of CSMB, the biggest French school board in Quebec. The purpose of this course is to issue the foreign students or workers who are eligible to immigrate to Québec via PEQ program with an Immigration Québec-recognized attestation of advanced intermediate (Level B2) French language proficiency. With maximum 20 hours per week of French study, students can achieve B2 (Advanced-Intermediate) French language proficiency from B1 in 8 weeks.

What is French B2 Certificate Course?

The French B2 Certificate Course is a program conducted by College MAC and Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys (CSMB), with the MELS code LAN-5072-4. The course is designed for foreign students and temporary workers who want to immigrate to Quebec and are eligible for the Programme de l'expérience québécoise (PEQ). Students of this course can submit their final transcripts to Immigration Québec as an attestation of advanced intermediate (Level B2) French language proficiency, and then receive their CSQ within 20 days.

Who can take French B2 Certificate Course?

Everyone can take French B2 Certificate Course, however only those who are eligible for the Programme de l'expérience québécoise (PEQ) can submit their final transcripts to Immigration Québec as an attestation of advanced intermediate (Level B2) French language proficiency. To be eligible for the PEQ program you must be at least 18 years old and have or expected to obtain a Québec diploma eligible for the PEQ; or you have at least 12 months of full-time work experience in Québec.

For more information about PEQ immigration, please see following:

Regular Languages Courses
We offer 10 levels courses for French, English, and 6 levels courses for Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Italian; in particular with vast options with English and French programs designed specifically for international students, tourists and new immigrants who are always in search of comprehensive and creative language programs for various reasons such as profession, social or cultural. Our structured language courses will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of grammar, vocabulary enrichment, reading, writing and listening activities, along with conversation practice. The small-sized groups ensures personalized attention and allows the teacher to perform continuous evaluation of the students.

The TEFaQ, or Test d'évaluation du français adapté pour le Québec, is an examination intended for people who need proof of French proficiency specifically for Quebec immigration. While the TEFaQ is more targeted to Quebec immigration, applicants may instead choose to take the TCFQ or any other French language test approved by the Quebec government. Our experienced TEFaQ teachers are certified by Alliance Francaise.

Conversation Workshop
The Conversation Workshops are to enhance cross-cultural links and encourage communication between students. The Conversation Workshops are aimed at improving oral communication skills in the target language, with conversation practice under the supervision of a teacher. This strategy of intensive conversation enables the student to improve significantly in a short period of time. The Conversation Workshops are an open and ongoing program based on membership. Each session lasts 2 hours and students may participate in up to 3 daily meetings. Conversation Workshops are also combined with structured language courses to accelerate the learning process since it enables the students to actively apply and integrate the notions and language structures in an interactive context.

Private Tutoring
Private and custom-made language courses based on your individual needs and objectives. Given by our certified and experienced teachers.
Some students have specific needs and prefer a private course in order to progress at their own pace and study specific aspects of the language that they wish to learn. In our school, we offer private instruction with qualified teachers of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese. Our teachers work on flexible schedules ; week or weekend courses (morning, afternoon or evening) may be arranged at the student's convenience.
Although slightly more costly than regular group classes, private instruction allows students to learn one-on-one with a teacher on a completely individualized level. It is a worthwhile investment for those seeking to improve their skills and benefit form in-depth work on the aspects of the language that require specialized attention.

Regular Schedule (Please call 514-933-0398 for TEFaQ / TCFQ preparation courses)
1 Level French
40 hrs/ 1m
1 level G&C
(A) & (C)
4 Levels French
160 hrs/ 6m
4 levels G&C
(A) & (C)
6 Months package
Max. 280 hrs/ 6m
7 levels G&C
(A) & (C)
One-Year package
Max. 480 hrs/ 12m
12 levels G&C
(A) & (C)
other languages
40 hrs/ 1.5m
1 levels G&C
(A) & (C)
TEFaQ/ TCFQ prep
Minimum 24H
(A) & (B)
40 hrs/ 1.5m
(A) & (B)
B2 French
Maximum 20H/w
160 hrs/ 2m
PEQ immigration
(A) & (B)
Private tutoring
Minimum 16H

- Grammar
- Vocabulary enrichment
- Listening Comprehension

- Reading/Writing skills
- Sample tests.

- Learning and practicing the language under the

supervision of a teacher.
- Focused on conversational skills only.

* We preserve the rights to change the price of courses.
* Five students are minimum for some classes, otherwise, we will transfer you to other classes or next session.
* Non Refundable registration fee 100 $ is required. For visa program, additional administration fee required and non-refundable.
* No lessons for legal holidays.

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