Kids Tutoring Center

Established in 2002, the Kids Tutoring Center of College MAC is one of most functional Montreeal neighborhood-based centers, striving to reflect the local community flavor. Partnering with Children's Services, Montreal school board, Rive-Sud school board, West-Island school board, and some Chinese community centers, the Center provides low-cost programs and classes such as French/ English/ Math/ Science/ Arts/ Sports for new immigrants' children after school, on weekends, and throughout the summer, in three different locations in downtown, in Chinatown, and in South Shore respectively.

Since 2008, the school began to provide Chinese language and cultural courses with the joining of the Quebec Academy of Chinese Culture and Education, which has been approved by Gouvernement du Québec Ministère de l'Éducation with permis No. CP0569 to provide Chinese language and cultural courses in Great Montreal for more than thirty years.

When school is out, parents do not have to worry about where their kids are, they can rely on the Center extended family. They will receive services for their kids includes tutoring, homework assistance and program safety at primary and secondary after-school programs. Programs include homework centers, support groups, field trips, nutritional health and lunchtime group activities at local schools. In summer time, the Center will always organize its famous "Horizon Day Camp" to provide both convenience for those working parents and meaningful experience for those children. The efforts of schools and families to create a healthy and safe community for our youth and families is oftenly complemented by our community and new immigrants. Horizon Day Camp has continuously received accrediation from both Canadian and Quebec's Camping Association since 2008.

*The ACQ (Association des camps du Québec ) is the organization responsible for the certification, and quality and safety standards, of camps in Quebec. By choosing an A.C.Q.-certified camp for your child, you are choosing an organization that has met the stringent standards of the A.C.Q. Thanks to these standards, you are sending your child to a SAFE and HIGH-QUALITY camp.

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